Frugal Friday

Since I neglected to post a Thrifty Thursday post this week, I figured I’d throw in a Frugal Friday. I must admit, I haven’t been that frugal this week. Wednesday evening, I took my beautiful daughter out to eat at Pizza Hut (she earned a certificate for a FREE Personal Pan Pizza from school, so I figured I’d take advantage & have dinner…just me and her)

and afterwards, we headed to Walgreen’s for some last minute Valentine’s shopping for her party the following day. I decided I might as well grab hubby some Dove Men’s Body Wash since it was FREE after the RR, so technically I was frugal on that trip.
Another thing that was kinda thrifty, but kinda not was a purchase I made from Hubby has an Xbox 360, and I have been sucked into the Modern Warfare 2 hoopla. I don’t know what it is, but annihilating teenage boys and making them hate me because #1 I’ve kicked their butts, and #2 I’m a girl – is so stinking fun. Because of this new addiction, I need an Xbox Live Gold account. This typically costs around $50/year or $7/month. suckered me into purchasing a 12 month card by offering a deal for $35, and I coupled it with using my account (earning 3% cash back), so I ended up saving a total of $16.05. Even though this was a splurge for me, I saved money…so I’m considering it a win.
Lastly, Walgreen’s is offering an 8×10 collage for FREE…if you choose to pick it up at the store. I made a collage of all the family pictures we’ve had made, plus a few of just the kids or just us thrown in to show how much we’ve changed in the last 5 years. It’s amazing when you look at it all together like that. You can take advantage of this offer by going to Walgreen’s Photo, clicking on the ‘gifts’ tab, next click ‘collages’, then ‘collage prints’, then select 8×10. You then build your collage following the instructions, and use the code VDAY during check out.

One thought on “Frugal Friday

  1. I’m not sure I would be able to not say anything. Keep praying (as if you need to be told that). Good job on supporting your husband.

    I’d offer to take your little ones out for a couple of hours since I think my night is open, but since I can’t talk, I might not be effective as an adult.

    There is something I have often “said” to other bloggers. “It is your blog, write what you want.” By that, I mean, don’t worry about entraining others (unless that is your goal here) or leaving juicy tid-bits out.

    Have a wonderful day.

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