Fun with Duct Tape

As you may or may not have read last week, my sister gave me a super cool Elliott Lucca purse for my birthday.  I’d been carrying around a ‘thrift store $2.00 special’ that I had grown tired of, and I was ecstatic to get this designer purse.  I didn’t have a wallet, and had been just keeping all my stuff in the zipper part, so I decided I needed a cool wallet to go along with my awesome purse.  I, being the cheapskate thrifty shopper I am, did not want to spend very much at all on a wallet.  

I began scouring the Internet.  eBay, of course, had some nice ones, but considering my beefs with eBay, I decided to look elsewhere.  Etsy had some great ones, but nothing that really called to me specifically for the price I was looking for.  I did notice a cute duct tape wallet that wasn’t my style, but was something I thought ‘I can do that’ and customize it to my liking.  So, I ‘Googled‘ Duct Tape Wallet, and came across a site I had forgotten about called Instructables.  I LOVE this site!  
In the spirit of being ME, I started with a harder design instead of a basic one.  I picked a weave style that I ended up not really liking as much as I thought.  
I also have discovered that I am unable to stick to the instructions.  I modify EVERYTHING.  I then moved on to a different style that was easily customized and turned out pretty cool.  I decided to keep that wallet.  (Can’t remember/locate which instructable I used to make this one, but it’s pretty close to the last one…just modified.)

My craft frenzy continued, and I tried a pattern similar to the 2nd wallet, but with a few extra features.  When I had originally asked Greg if he would like one, he politely declined saying that he liked them…they were cool…but he wouldn’t want to carry one.  Now that I’ve completed the third one, which turned out totally awesome, he attempted to claim it as his own. 

I am actually considering making these to sell for a few extra bucks this summer.  They take me quite awhile to make, but that will speed up significantly once I get the hang of it.
(I tried to link the photos to the actual instructables, but it didn’t work…here they are:

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