Funny Story Friday

Last year, I decided to pool my resources with my brother & sister and get my Mom a birthday present she would really love.  She is a big American Idol fan, and had been rooting for David Cook since the beginning.  I did a little research to see when the Idol Tour would be near her, and we pitched in and bought her 2 tickets.  We, of course, enjoyed teasing her about her ‘Best Present EVER’ for weeks before her birthday.  She was given vague clues as a hilarious form of torture…even her cake was a clue. 
Her guesses consisted of total randomness…appliances (after the cake her friends were sure she was getting a gourmet oven-which is hilarious considering I had to practically squeeze the money I did out of my siblings.), cooking classes, a frozen margarita maker (because she really wanted one), and various other guesses that I can’t think of at the moment.
To continue the torture, we wrapped the card containing the tickets in a box which was then placed in a larger box.  A huge, heavy chain was placed in the largest box to confuse her even further.  
Once she got down to the card containing the tickets, she correctly guessed the gift.  
She was quite excited and confirmed that this was one of the best presents she had ever received.  The torture continued since the concert was several weeks away, but she said it was worth the wait.  Her and my step dad caught the tour at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, and had pretty good seats.  They didn’t actually get to meet any of the Idols, but had a wonderful time.  (I planned on including pictures of the actual concert, but someone *cough* my sister *cough* neglected to send me the link.)
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