Funny Story Friday

Okay, this week is a quickie…

Last night, we ate some yummy, delicious Creamy Chicken Enchiladas. I had also prepared some Fried Bananas (in honey) for dessert…which were ridiculously heavenly. I could have eaten an entire banana tree worth, but limited myself to a few slices. Kara totally narfs her dinner and just as quickly inhaled the dessert. Trinity takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R and in her typical picky attitude opts out of even tasting the banana. Grayson “drops” his fork about 50 times…laughing hysterically each time, and didn’t even realize I ate didn’t give him his dessert. Kylie finishes up and I tell her to bring me her napkin for me to put the banana on. She says she needs a new one. I said the one she had was fine, then notice it looks…gooey. I ask if there’s something in it. She says yes and begins to open it…and in an Oscar winning performance with a look of shock says ‘*GASP* IT’S CHICKEN!’ I send her to wash up…with NO dessert, and the dramatics continue with tears and sobs from the bathroom.
Greg takes over at this point, since I’m pretty inclined to let loose about the fact that I’m sick of this sneaky crap (like the cookie incident Wednesday). Daddy explains stuff in a nice but firm way, tears end, the evening continues as normal.
Cookie incident = at .COMM, all the kids eat great, I say they can have cookies…which they know means 2 cookies each…Kylie tries to quickly get past me with 5 cookies. Has she lost her stinking mind?! If it had been at the beginning of our week, she would have been grounded from snacks for the rest of the week, but one day of grounding is worthless, so I let it slide with a warning.

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