Funny Story Friday

We have a lot of fun at our house. We like to play tricks on each other and joke around. I often have ideas for some really good pranks or comebacks, but rarely do I actually act on them or vocalize…until recently.
The victim = Greg, my super hot husband

The prankster = sweet, little me

A couple weeks ago, the kids were sleeping, I was in bed reading, and Greg had just gotten out of the shower. The door to our room was open, but since the kids were asleep Greg decided to get dressed without shutting the door. He emerges from the bathroom in his towel, I glance up and an evil plan quickly forms in my brain. He gets his underwear out of the drawer, drops his towel, I look at the doorway and in my scolding voice say ‘Get back in your bed right now!’. Greg hits the floor the fastest I’ve ever seen him move, and I double over in hysterics. He then realizes that all the kids are still sleeping, and I got him good. We laugh it up for a few days, and now I’m nervously waiting….for payback.

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