Funny Story Friday

Being stuck in the game room for what seemed like eternity with 3 of our 4 kids, in hindsight was pretty fun.  We played a lot of games…UNO, Sorry!, Scrabble, Cranium Family Fun, Monopoly Cards, Candyland, Memory, and a torturous 2 hour+ game of Trivial Pursuit – Genius Edition.  Nothing makes you feel more like an idiot than thinking Muggsy Bogues was a mobster…and being informed he was actually a basketball star.  Or answering Sugar Ray Leonard to EVERY boxing question…knowing that eventually it would be right…and it wasn’t.  The saddest thing was we intentionally picked the orange sports category every chance we got because it was the easiest.  I have no idea how I won…guess I really am a genius. hehe I will admit defeat in UNO though…Greg was the master, and he is fantastic at card tricks.  The kids were repeatedly amazed and have not stopped asking for magic tricks.  

I would have to say the most annoying thing about not having electricity besides freezing cold toilet seats would have to be the constant flicking of light switches.  I bet I “turned on” lights a thousand times.  Oh, and I planned dinner one night to be grilled hamburgers…we only have an electric grill.  The dependency on convenience is ridiculous, but I can say that we are so thankful for what we have & that we had each other’s company last week.  There were several people who lost their lives or their homes during the ice storm, so we will not take what we have for granted.

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