Game Room or Confessional?

Today started out like any other…granted, I woke up exhausted due to bad dreams and staying up too late, but whatever. Kids did their ‘Morning Duties’, ate breakfast, watched a little Dora the Explorer, A arrived and they all headed to the game room to build a clubhouse. After seeing their attempts at making the clubhouse…

and that they banished K2 to a separate, minuscule one…
while making fun of her for snuggling her teddy bear inside, we had a little chat.
Me: Why are you making fun of Kara for snuggling her teddy bear when you are 9 years old and sleep w/ Daddy Bear & Blankie?
T: *shrug*
Me: You need to think about what you are going to say to your sister and decide if you would like someone treating you that way. Embarrassing her is not a good idea…I’m your Mom & I know all kinds of embarrassing things about you that I could share but choose not to. You need to go apologize.
T: (all pouty) Okay.
Instead of an apology, I hear:
T: I have to tell you something.
A: Okay.
T: I am 9 years old and I sleep with a teddy bear named Daddy Bear…and a blanket I call Blankie.
K1: I sleep w/ a bear too!
K2: I sleep w/ Beary!
A: Okay.
Me: That’s not what I told you to do…what are you supposed to do?
T & K1: Sorry Kara…and Beary.
I thought the whole apology to ‘Beary’ was adorable…
What caused her to start this whole confessional thing rather than just say ‘I’m sorry.’? I have no clue. Maybe she thought I was actually going to tell something embarrassing about her. Not that I have anything major on a 9 year old. Kids baffle me sometimes.
After the chat, I decided to help them make a clubhouse they could all fit in with lots more room…
Currently there is giggling, whispers, occasional shrieks of laughter, and lots of imagination taking place in the game room.
UPDATE: While proofing this post, T asks what I’m blogging about.
Me: (in a joking way) it’s about you being mean to your sister.
T: (with a shocked look on her face) You read my notebook?!
Me: (putting her in a headlock & giving her a nuggie) What notebook?
T: (now embarrassed, but smiling) Never mind.
Confessional it is…

3 thoughts on “Game Room or Confessional?

  1. Aaaahhhhh, a broom wont kill that monster!! Needed something big very very big from the start:) Where do you live? I thought those were not in the US. I am never moving there. Are they poisonous? Im sooo creeped out if you cant tell. Hello from the link a thon.


  2. eewwww I can feel your pain. lol your details were so good i felt like i was standing there next to you!!! hehe! i would have been jumping up and down on that cinderblock like a crazy person. oh no. what if it would have crawled out from under it, up the block and up his leg… aaaahhhh bleh. We have BIG wood spiders in maryland. Luckily no tarantulas but still eeeww!

    :) Erin

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