Gotta love Marines….

Obviously I’ve got a thing for Marines…I mean, I’ve married two of them, right?  Well, I’ve been meaning to stop by the local recruiting office to get a sticker for my truck.  You know, the round shiny ones that say United States Marine Corps and have the EGA emblem in the center.  (For all you civilians EGA = eagle, globe, & anchor.) =)

I had one on my Matrix, but never got another when we bought the Expedition.  Trust me…I have some USMC pride.  Anyways, I finally made the time to run in and I gotta say, I quite enjoyed my visit.  Compliments were flying left & right.  If I hadn’t had the kids in the car, I may have stayed for a bit just to chat.  I really would like to find my old recruiter turned Warrant Officer.  I may actually drop in for another visit when I’m having a low self-esteem day.  Needless to say, my truck is already sporting this fine looking decal.  Semper Fi!
One of these days, I will post the story of my experience with the Marine Corps, but not today.  Too long of a story, and I don’t feel like a trip down that memory lane at the moment.

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