Grayson’s Two Hugs

Grayson, my sweet 3 year old…it is so weird to say 3 instead of 2…comes up with the funniest things. Yesterday, even though Greg is on vacation, he got called into work for a few hours and upon arriving home asked Grayson ‘Have you been obedient today?’ Grayson replied, ‘No, Daddy. I been good boy.’ Then later while giving Daddy ‘Good Night’ hugs, I managed to snap these pictures. This first one is what he calls his ‘mean’ hug.

He’s been doing this for quite awhile with Greg…just one of the father & son things they do…and I finally was able to get pictures.
This second one is his ‘Grayson’ hug, which he also sometimes calls a ‘great’ hug.
I think it is so cute that he has these two hugs for Daddy. The ‘mean’ hug is always used in a joking manner followed by a big ‘Grayson’ hug…and is almost always reserved for Daddy. Grayson is such an affectionate and loving kid…he is so much like his Dad. I couldn’t have asked for a better father/son duo. I am so blessed.

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