Growing up soooooo fast!

My kids are growing up so fast, and it seems like I’ve been oblivious to it until now.  (I typically go through this a couple times a year where I get a revelation about how fast time goes.)  

Grayson is becoming such a little man.  He is talking so much, and it actually makes sense.  He is super smart, and very independent.  He plays well by himself, and loves to “help” me.  (He actually folds clothes as good as Kylie does.)  I am amazed daily by his cuteness and innocense.  Yesterday he attempted to put sheets on his bed when I was doing laundry…he worked on it for like 15 minutes and didn’t get frustrated when he couldn’t do it. (This was shocking since Kara starts crying her eyes out within 5 minutes.)  He then proceeded to use the fitted sheet as a blanket since he couldn’t get it over more than one corner at a time.  He improvises and makes things work for him…I love that about him.  Then he goes and plays with an empty box for 30 minuts or so – putting things in, taking them out, climing in, closing & opening, all the while sweetly talking to himself.  After all this cuteness, he decides to take a poo in the hallway.  (A non-messy one, but still…in the hall in front of the bathroom door?)  So, he received an early bath, rejected dinner, and passed out around 6:30.  Well, that’s all I’ve got for today, when I have the girls next week, I will try to go into their growing-up-too-fastness.

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  1. Those are awesome cakes. I would love to be able to do that. My youngest turns 2 June 6 so it’s a little late to plan.

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