Happy Birthday to my little brother!

Well, I had a post all written but have decided to save it until tomorrow.  Instead, I am going to wish my little brother, Dylan, a Happy Birthday.  Back when I was about 4, I asked my parents for a little brother.  When I was 5 1/2 I got my wish.  February 10, 1984, Dylan Watters Irby was born.  He was 7lbs something, and to me was a tiny wish came true.  Once I realized that babies are little blobs that don’t do anything but cry, eat, and poop, I wasn’t too enthused.  Where was this friend that would play outside in the dirt with me, play trucks, and finger paint?  Instead I had this little being that pulled my hair and peed on me.  (A couple years later I asked for a baby sister…and got that too.) As we got older, we fought like crazy.  I do remember times where I tried to protect him from things such as bullies on the bus.  Since I was so much older, I felt like a superhero.  Then there were times when he would intentionally get me in trouble.  From my room I would hear, “Mom!! Jesse hit me!”, then “Jessica Marie! You’re grounded!”  Nice…I wasn’t even in the same room with the brat.  =)  I also remember things I did that were wrong, like hitting him & just picking on him in general.  But he was my little brother, so it was my duty to torture him…right?  There was a time when I was worried about the man he would grow up to be.  Times when there was trouble in school, trouble at home, trouble with the *ahem* police.  Were these to be a precursor to his future, or were they just a phase?  At the time, I would say ‘just a phase’, but would worry that it was just building to worse things.  I thank God that it was ‘just a phase’.  Dylan has grown into a good man.  He has a wonderful girlfriend that I hope will someday (soon *hint, hint*) be my sister-in-law, he has his “babies” – 2 chihuahuas, is a talented musician, and is crazy smart.  He has huge potential & is successful in anything he attempts.  I am excited to see the future of this man…my baby brother.

First pic is Dylan playing guitar – second is me, Dylan, & Nicki Christmas 2008
Here is the link to a sample of his music.  If you knew Dylan when he lived here, in Arkansas, you will be surprised at how his style has changed.  Gone are the times of screaming, thrashing, metal-here are the times of hillbillyish folk music w/ humor…I love it.  (And yes, he is singing…doesn’t sound like him, but it is true.)

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