I survived the first day of school…

Yesterday the girls went back to school. This means getting up at 6ish, showering, getting the girls up and around, getting Grayson ready, and leaving by 7:15 to take them to school. They did fantastically. I am hoping to keep this routine up throughout the year. The kids were very excited. Trinity began 4th grade, Kylie began 2nd grade, and Kara began 1st grade. (Grayson is not happy that the girls get to go to school and he doesn’t. He keeps loading up his ‘packpack’ with books and toys to take to school.)

After taking the girls to school, dropping Greg off at work, and running by the bank, Grayson and I went to Walgreens then the park. At the park we fed bread to the turtles and then went for a little walk. He didn’t want to ride in the stroller, so our walk was short. We left the park and went to D&T Bargains…this is where I buy most of our canned goods and pasta. I can also find organic snacks for the kids for super cheap. Grayson likes to go shopping with me, and is really good company. He did not like that one of the guys pricing items yesterday kept looking at him. Pointing at the guy, Grayson unhappily exclaimed ‘He looking at me!’ I wanted to crawl under a rock. We were almost finished, so we zoomed past the guy, grabbed a couple more items, then headed to Walmart. Walmart. was. packed. Our shopping trip at Walmart was uneventful, except that I found 2 Thomas and Friends trains (Ben & Rosie) on clearance for $5 each. Somehow he didn’t notice when I put them in the cart, and then paid for them…convenient since those are going in the stash for Christmas presents.
Yes, I said it. Christmas. I have to start preparing early because we have Christmas, then 2 days later is Grayson’s Birthday, then the next day is Kylie’s Birthday…it is insanity.
I shopped too fast in Walmart, so it wasn’t time to pick Greg up for lunch yet but I didn’t have enough time to run home…plus I didn’t want to waste the gas. So I ran back to Walgreens to grab milk and another bottle of Softsoap Nutri Serums Body Wash which ends up being FREE after the RR this week. We then headed to pick up Greg from work.
After eating lunch and unloading all the groceries, Grayson and I left to go to one of my favorite places…Buffalo Coffee. Of our usual group, Grayson and I were the only ones…but we had a nice time. He colored and ate his organic smiley face snacks, and I drank my iced coffee and read.
The weather turned nasty right before we left to pick the girls up from school, so we got quite wet running to the truck. The drive to K & K’s school was rough. It was seriously pouring so hard I could hardly see even with the wipers on full speed. There was a truck in front of me in the right lane that was baja-ing through huge puddles…I sooo would have loved to get a pic of the ridiculously huge spray he was making, but driving and taking pictures w/ my phone in that rain would have been dangerous. I only had to sit in line for about 15 minutes to get Kylie, 3 more minutes or so for Kara, then after the drive across town to Trinity’s school only about a 5 minute wait to get her. We came home, emptied backpacks, listened to everyone’s ‘First day back’ stories, and then got ready for the Brand New Kids ‘Back to School Bash’. It was supposed to be a swimming party at the city pool that Greg volunteered us to supervise, but we had to improvise and come up with ‘Plan B’. All about that craziness tomorrow…including lots of pics!

2 thoughts on “I survived the first day of school…

  1. I may have to give the Tilex a try because our shower could use a little help. Also, I tried the SBASC because I was able to get it free with coupons and rebates and it did absolutely nothing. I don't think it made it worse, but it sure didn't make it better.

    p.s. following you from MBC Under 100!

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