I want to wake up…

After less than 4 hours of sleep, I woke up to an empty bed. To a feeling of heaviness and dread at having to explain to 4 sweet children that Daddy is in the hospital. The first words I heard this morning were from Trinity ‘Mom, where’s Greg?’ I nearly lost it. I texted Greg to call me when he woke up which resulted in an immediate call. So far the Dr. has had him on a drip that slows his heart rate hoping that it would return to normal rhythm on its own. According to Greg he is in A-Fib…I think that’s what he said. They are giving this until Noon or 1pm. If this doesn’t happen they are going to put him to sleep and shock him. I am terrified, and waiting for our friend to get here to watch the kids so I can go be with my husband. I feel as if I am in some sort of nightmare on the verge of waking but I just can’t make the push through the fog. The kids are doing okay. I explained he is in the hospital because his heart was beating funny and that the doctors are fixing him…that he’ll be okay. These words are for my benefit as much as theirs. I want to wake up.

Today has been a blur. Greg is home and okay. I will be posting tomorrow about the entire ordeal. (He came out of A-Fib on his own…with help of meds, but did not need to be shocked.) He is feeling good…back to normal except the lack of sleep. I just wanted to thank everyone who has been praying for him and our family, and to say that we have the greatest friends on the planet…I love you all.

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