I’m NOT an idiot…but I am cheap.

Okay, so a few weeks ago I get the oil changed in the truck. I use a mobile service that comes to wherever you are & is reasonably priced…I LOVE it. (Here’s the link to their FB page…Estes Mobile Lube.) So, when the guy is finished changing the oil and checking everything, he says he noticed we needed new brakes soon. Since we are leaving for Florida soon, I figured I needed to get it done this week. I call a couple places yesterday and can get the truck in today with ‘Place B’ and they quote me a price of $200-250. (‘Place A’ didn’t do brakes.) Even though I thought that sounded high for getting some brake pads replaced, I stupidly make the appointment, and forget to set up a ride until this morning. I text my awesome friend Angie this morning & she agrees to be my taxi. After she drops me off back at home, I receive a call from ‘Place B’. They say yes, I do need new brake pads, the rotors look good, there’s some sort of rear axle leak on both sides, and it’s going to cost almost $750. I say (maybe a little too loudly), “There’s no way I can afford that!” Then he refigures the total, not fixing the leaking rear axle seals…still over $500. I tell him that I can’t afford that either, and that I was quoted $200-250 yesterday. He says, “Oh, that’s per axle.” He then says they’ll put it back together, and I can come pick it up…and that I should be safe driving to Florida and back, but need to get it done as soon as we get back. So, that’s where I’m at…had to pay $32 for them to do nothing, have a few messages out there to various friends with expertise, and I’m frustrated…so I’m ranting. Do you find (if you’re a woman) that mechanics try to take advantage of you? This is the second time this has happened this year. I sometimes want to yell at them, “Just because I have boobs doesn’t mean I don’t have a brain!” I don’t know tons of stuff about cars, but I know enough to know that quoting someone a price then jacking it up 300% is messed up.

2 thoughts on “I’m NOT an idiot…but I am cheap.

  1. I assume this is for the Explorer. That sounds a little high, but not crazy high. You know, you could probably do it yourself as long as the brakes are disc brakes all the way around. (drum brakes are a nightmare). You could get pads and all for probably $50-$100. But you would lose an afternoon of time installing them.

  2. Wow! Yeah messed up. But I’m finding that a lot of people don’t care if you’re either and still try to jerk you around. My husband is a certified mechanic and does most all of our work and he’s been getting a lot of dopes behind the counter.

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