Intro & Not quite 30 yet….

Well, I have decided to join the band wagon and start blogging. I have alot of things that I ponder on, and what better way to get them out of my head than to write them down. And since I can’t seem to make myself get out pen and paper, (and I type faster than I can write) what better way than here? Not that I have anything extremely interesting to say, but maybe someone out there will be intrigued.
I am turning 30 in less than 2 weeks, and am having a little trouble dealing with this. At first, it was ‘I don’t want to be 30! I love my 20′s!’ …plus my husband is still in his 20′s and that just doesn’t seem fair. Now, in a way, I am embracing this change. Last week an old friend of mine that I hadn’t seen or talked to in a couple years passed away. She didn’t get a chance to turn 30…her birthday would have been May 26th. Her death hit me very hard even though we hadn’t been close in recent years. I was unable to attend her memorial, but have been able to accept this and say good-bye in my own way.
So, in sort of a lame tribute to Wendi, “Thank you for helping me to see that growing older is a blessing from God. I’m sorry we lost touch over the years, but I know we are friends forever.”

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