It’s My Junk!

Warning: If toddler behaviour or references to private parts offends you, do not continue. ;)

Okay, so a couple days ago I tell Grayson to get ready for bed. This typically consists of his stripping naked, running around for a few minutes, and then reluctantly putting on a pull-up and pj’s. (Yes, he’s completely potty trained, but since I still haven’t bought a mattress cover we are playing it safe.) Well, this particular night, he was having an issue with a small piece of fuzz and curiosity about his anatomy.

Grayson: Mom, what’s this scratchy thing on my pee-pee? (pointing and trying to remove a piece of fuzz)
Me: Ask Dad…that’s his department.
Grayson: Dad, what’s this scratchy thing on my pee-pee?
Me to Greg: I think it’s a piece of fuzz…you need to help him. (Greg removes said piece of fuzz.)
Grayson: (still naked and now poking his ‘dangles’) What’s these things, Dad?
Greg: That’s part of your pee-pee, Son, quit poking them.
Grayson: (looking down, still poking) Oh, it’s just my junk. I need to take these off.
*From here on, Greg is incapable of conversation because of laughter…so I take over.*
Me: Quit Grayson! You can’t take those off…they’re important.
Grayson: It’s part of my body?
Me: Yes, leave them alone.
Grayson: Oh, it’s part of my junk. Okay. (now that that mystery is solved, he puts on his pull-up & pj’s and heads to bed)
(There was supposed to be a cute picture of him ‘thinking’ here, but blogger wouldn’t upload any picture for me…so just imagine an adorable blonde boy with big blue eyes looking up with his finger on his cheek…just thinking.)
Ahhh…the joys of having a boy. It sure is a different adventure than with my previous 3 girls, and I love it. We are always laughing and astounded by his cuteness. We are so blessed!

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