Library Summer Program Grand Finale!

This summer the kids have enjoyed participating in our local library’s summer program. The program was split into 3 ‘legs’ with rewards after completing each part.

A coupon packet was the first reward for reading for 4 hours. It included various coupons such as free cookies, french fries, ice cream, pass to the local swimming pool, etc. After 3 more hours, they were able to choose a book/DVD to be donated in their honor with their name on a ‘bookplate’ in the front cover. After 3 additional hours, they earned an invitation to attend the Grand Finale Book Bonanza which includes the bonus of choosing some free books to keep. They also entered a coloring contest and a sculpture contest. I was very impressed with all their entries. Grayson did an excellent job on his coloring sheet…way better than I expected a 2 year old to do.
Their sculpture (a joint effort by all 4 kids) was fantastic, and they walked away with 1st place in the group division.
*Side Note* When we went to pick up the sculpture to take home, one of the children’s librarians asked if the sculpture looked the same as when we had brought it in. She had dropped it when taking it down from the display shelf and it completely fell apart. The poor woman had to glue it back together from memory…I must add she did a wonderful job.
*Additional Side Note* After dropping T off at her dad’s house, Greg placed the award winning sculpture precariously balanced on the cup holder in the truck. He then proceeded to back out of the parking lot sending the sculpture flying and in turn, breaking into several pieces. The kids are bummed out, but he promised to fix it so they can display it proudly in their room.
There were 2 identical sessions held today, with the kids being split into 4 groups to choose books one at a time. There were almost 70 kids in the 1st session (which we attended) and each child received 4 books each.
Once they chose their books, names were drawn for the remaining books and a few extra prizes. Kylie & Kara were drawn for an extra book, Trinity was drawn for an extra prize. Here is their total haul today…
Trinity – tote bag, 4 books, and a Nerf ball (not pictured).
Kylie – Barbie and 5 books.
Kara – Ariel and 5 books.
Grayson – Play-D’oh Farm Set and 4 books.

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