Well, as you have probably noticed, my poor blog has been neglected.  Life took over my time, and I have totally not been doing what I want to be doing.  Rather, I have been doing what has to be done and that is it.  It is extremely frustrating.  Since school is winding down for 3/4 of my kids, they seem to have lost their little minds.  Chores have been neglected, fighting, being sneaky, lying, have all become a normal occurrence.  I have had enough.  Over the next week (while they are with their other parents), we are coming up with a summer schedule, a new chore chart, and rewards plan.  I hope to make it fun & functional, and something that they can carry over into their lives at the other house(s) so that they can actually establish routines for once.  The main focus will be earning their allowance, computer/Wii time, along with coupons for fun stuff like going to the lake, staying up late, etc.  We tallied up their money for our trip and a certain someone is slightly upset that she has hardly any spending money.  I had to explain that when you don’t do your chores correctly, you don’t get paid, and when you break stuff & it needs to be repaired, it comes out of YOUR money, not mine.  Hopefully they will pull it together next week and make some money…plus these sudden behaviour issues are not gonna fly.

The hammer is dropping next week…who will survive!? ;)

I also plan on buckling down and getting back into my bloggy groove.  There are alot of things I need to fix on here, and hopefully I will be able to get my husband to help me.  Seems that I am the last person that gets to benefit from his programming genius. ;) I also have a birthday party to finish planning for my soon-to-be 10 year old. *gasp* Has it really been that long? Doesn’t seem possible.  So, be prepared for some actual content in the upcoming weeks! I’m so excited! =)

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