I’ve been tossing this blog post around in my brain for awhile now, and have finally decided to write it. I’ve said before that God speaks to me in strange ways. Well, I have a guilty pleasure that I need to admit to so that I can fully get my point across. Here it goes…I watch Desperate Housewives. I love it. I watch the reruns I haven’t seen yet, and then explain to Greg what happened to each character that day when he gets home from work. Whether he cares or not, he listens to my ramblings.

On to my original point…LOVE…what is it? where can it be found? how long does it last? There are so many answers to these questions, that I honestly don’t know where to begin. How about one of my favorite passages in the Bible?

“Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not want what belongs to others. It does not brag. It is not proud. It is not rude. It does not look out for its own interests. It does not easily become angry. It does not keep track of other people’s wrongs. Love is not happy with evil; but it is full of joy when the truth is spoken. It always protects. It always trusts. It always hopes. It never gives up. Love never fails” (1 Corinthians 13:4-8a).

Love is something so pure and so simple. It’s not fragile. Even though it feels like it, it’s not a feeling. It’s a choice. You choose to give it, you choose to receive it. You may have been ‘unlucky in love’ or whatever. You may be one of those who have been happily married for 50 years, or you may be like half the population (including me) an have experienced divorce. Regardless of past mistakes, choices, or consequences, someone in this world experienced love because of you.

Well, I heard a message at church while we were participating in the OnePrayer series. God is Love. It really is that simple. The word love has become twisted and overused. People use it as a weapon, they use it as a crutch, they use it as an excuse, they use it to express just a general feeling of enjoyment (as I did in the first paragraph when describing my feelings for Desperate Housewives).

To answer ‘where can it be found?’…this question has a million answers. It can be found in the beauty of a flower, the compassion of a stranger, the caress of a spouse, a favorite meal, a chore done without asking, a note from a friend, the gentle snuggle of a child, a thought, a song, etc…the list goes on.

And finally the question that inspired this post…’how long does it last?’ I already knew the answer to this, but an ending monologue during Desperate Housewives last week really spoke to me. God spoke to me. It clicked…I got it. Love lasts forever. It always has been and always will be. I as a mother, will love my husband and my kids with all my heart. I pass that love on to them. When I’m gone, the love I shared with them will live on. They will love others, and that love that I shared will be shared. It will go on forever.

Love is forever. It will go on with or without you, whether you want it to or not. Love is your legacy…love is all our legacies.

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