Memorial Day Weekend

Well, we accomplished very little this weekend. After planting the garden I worked so hard on starting indoors about 6 weeks ago, something has destroyed most of the plants. I am beyond furious. I am suspecting either bunnies or birds…both of which I have seen in our back yard in abundance. Speaking of birds, the girls were playing outside excitedly began to tell us of a baby bird they found and wanted to take care of. After a quick inspection, Greg determined the baby had been abandoned and was too young to survive. Begging insued. I told Trinity she could use my small garden spade to find worms, chop them up, and feed the bird by hand. If she did this, then they could “keep” the bird. Of course I knew that she had no intentions of touching a worm. After more dramatic begging for Greg to do the dirty worm work and put a bandaid on the birds’ boo-boo, he took a closer look at the baby bird. It was in quite bad shape…aparently something had attacked it at some point and its insides were no longer inside. It was definatly not going to make it. This sparked another round of tears from Trinity, our resident Drama Queen. She was absolutely heart broken, and it was terrible to see. There was nothing I could do for the bird, and this was unacceptable to her. Greg ended up placing a bowl over it so the girls would stop looking at it. They forgot about it for an hour or so, enjoying running through the sprinkler…which Grayson wanted nothing to do with. He was quite adorable in his swimming trunks though.

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