Memory Lane Monday…kinda

I lie on my bed enjoying the sweet smells of spring drifting in my window on the breeze.  I hear children laughing in the distance, birds chirping, a dog playfully barking.  I gaze through the window at the clouds drifting across a beautiful blue sky, at the flowers soaking up the sun, at the grass swaying aimlessly.  And I think, ‘What have I done to deserve the life I have?’  I mean, the blessings I’ve received over my life are nearly unbelievable to me.  I sometimes wonder if I will wake up one day and it all have been a glorious dream.  

The reality is, I need to take more moments like these and enjoy the simple blessings in my life…there will be another day to dust, fold laundry, and vacuum.  And if not, then I spent my last day wisely…enjoying my children, my husband, my life.
I began this blog about a year ago, inspired by the death of a friend of mine from grade school that I lost touch with over the years.  She was a few weeks younger than me, and never got to turn 30.  She left behind a good husband, wonderful parents & siblings, 2 beautiful small children, and countless friends and other relatives.  I can confidently say she is in heaven now and is being rewarded for her service to the King.  She was a good Christian woman who made a difference in so many lives.  It is literally impossible to track how many people she influenced & led to Christ in some way.  Her death, of course, makes no sense to us…there is no way to understand why it was her time, but I have found comfort in this poem.
I actually purchased a tapestry similar to this to send to her parents with a letter letting them know how she influenced my life, but I have yet to find the right words.  I plan on sending it to them in the next couple weeks whether I’ve found the ‘right’ words or not.  I am sad that she is no longer with her family, but I rejoice in the fact that I know she is singing to and praising the Lord for eternity.  It is a beautiful image I hold in my heart of a beautiful person, mother, wife, daughter, and friend. 

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