Memory Lane Monday

For today’s trip down memory lane we are going to reference something I did as a kid in relation to what my kids have done.  When I was 4 or 5 and hanging out at my Grandma’s house for the day, I decided I needed to trim my bangs.  I think most kids take this task on at some point in their lives.  My make over resulted in crooked bangs…that is all.  My kids take this to a whole new level.  Here is what they looked like a few weeks before their self induced make overs.

About 3 years ago, our 3 girls were playing outside during nice weather.  I noticed they were quiet for quite awhile, and decided to go looking for them.  What did I find?
Trinity hiding behind a friend’s car in our driveway, cutting away.  She ended up cutting about 5 inches in length, but once we took her in to get it fixed it actually turned out pretty cute.
Trinity got into pretty big trouble.  She was grounded for a month, but didn’t get a spanking because she was already crying hysterically so we figured that was enough punishment.  We did stress that this was a HUGE no-no, and if anyone EVER cut their hair again there would be spankings.
Two days later on Saturday, (during Amy’s time) Kylie & Kara were staying at their Grandma’s house.  (Amy said she had warned them there would be dire consequences if either of them ever cut their hair…on the way over to Grandma’s house on Friday.) While Grandma was taking a nap, they decided to play beauty shop.  The agreement was “If you let me cut your hair, I’ll let you cut mine.”  Kara was first to get her beauty treatment.  She began with her bangs, and Kylie finished up the back.  We received a “not-so-nice” phone call on Sunday and then a little visit.  Kara was very snotty about the whole thing, laughed a couple times, and acted like it wasn’t a big deal.  I seriously wanted to smack her…she treats Amy like crap, Amy lets her, and it infuriates me.  Anyways…here were the results.
As you can see…she has NO bangs, and there were some pieces in the back about an inch long.  Grandma didn’t discover this until she woke up from her nap.  Once Kara’s haircut was over, Kylie reneged on her end of the bargain…she cut a small 1″ piece on the side of her hair that was hardly noticeable, so it didn’t warrant a mugshot-like picture.  Kara’s “fix” didn’t turn out quite as cute as Trinity’s…only because of the bangs.  The hairstyle actually fit her quite well. 
(There were no consequences for this monstrosity at the time, but when we got them back the next week, EVERYONE was grounded.)  Needless to say, the kids have not cut their hair again.

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