Memory Lane

Okay, for our trip down memory lane today I am going to reference a memory from childhood.  My dad was a fantastic dad when we were kids, once I hid adolescence we hit a bit of a bump…which could be contributed to my parents going through a divorce, but our relationship now is excellent.  Anyways, what has brought on this trip down memory lane was a single phrase during a texting war we had following the recent ice storm.  This phrase was “Wazza Meow”.  Now, to the outside world, this is gobbledygook…but to me, this was a flashback to simpler times.  Times before your family had recording equipment, amps, and equalizers…times when “jamming” consisted of singing into a microphone your dad had propped up in one of his Tony Lamas so you wouldn’t have to hold it while he played “There’s A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea” on his 1968 Hummingbird…times when your dad tucking you in and your bedtime ritual was the highlight of your day.  ”Wazza Meow” was my response to my dad when I was a kid and he would tuck me in and say “Hasta mañana“.  During this silly texting back and forth about when we had gotten electricity back, he had included “Wazza Meow”.  This nonsense phrase actually brought tears to my eyes…the fact that he remembered that which I thought had been forgotten long ago was so touching.  Below is the actual goofy texts we had going on for about an hour…you have to keep in mind that my dad is a nut & the apple didn’t fall that far from the grapevine.

Dad: Got elec on @ 10 last night (he sent this one 4 times)
Dad: still alive?
Me: Yeah, didn’t you get my txt? We got power Mon night @ 745.  How are you guys?
Dad: No we got it Sun. elec I mean
Me: Yeah I know you sent the same txt 4 times. lol Glad to hear you guys made it okay. Miss you!!!
Dad: Did you get power on yet! lol
Me: Yes! Monday @745pm.  So glad to be back home.
Dad: Did you say Sun. at 2 EST?
Me: What?
Dad: When r u gettin u power on. U can stay with us if u want 2.
Me:  Okay loonie…for like the 7th time-we got our power back on MONDAY @745pm lol
Dad: Central or Mtn. time? love yall (This is where I realize he is being goofy…can you believe it took me this long???)
Me:  CST why does it matter? Habla Englais?
Dad: Hope u don’t suffer without electricity.
Me:  There is a typhoon headed your way named Raoul…might wanna board up & stock up on soup.
Dad:  Drop the soap!!? Power 2 the people…Wazza Meow
Me: Night…LOVE YOU!! Gobble, gobble (we used to make turkey noises to each other)

Then the next evening it resumed…

Dad: Did Dylan & Nico get elec back on? (My bro & sis…live in TX & were not effected by the ice storm)
Me: Nope, TX fell into a sink hole & popped out in Japan…enjoying the sushi.
Dad:  Lucky dogs.

And the next night…
Dad:  We got elec back on Hooray!!! 

I didn’t respond to that one because I was running low on texts at that point…I mean, I only get 200/month and had already used half in like the first week and a half of the month.  

So that concludes our trip down memory lane for today…hope you enjoyed it. =)

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