Menu Monday

Okay, I confess…we didn’t stick with the menu that much, but it wasn’t totally my fault… One night I took Trinity to Pizza Hut, another night Greg and I had a date night and ate at Chili’s (yum!), and the last off night was because one of our neighbors blessed us with several packages of pork so we had that one night. This week’s menu will carry over a couple recipes from last week, but I’m making up for it by posting TWO simple desserts for my lovely readers. =)

Turkey Cabbage Bake (I use the homemade crescent roll dough I mentioned last week, and leave out the thyme.)
What we like to call Messy Pete’s (homemade Sloppy Joe’s)
Corn Dog Casserole (carried over from last week)
Tilapia Parmesan (also carried over from last week)
Easy Crock Pot Chicken (I use Cream of ‘whatever-I-have-in-the-pantry’ Soup, and serve this over rice.)
California Rolls w/ Sweet Dipping Sauce and Baked Tofu (I typically skip the sesame seeds in the California Rolls recipe since I don’t have any, and I haven’t tried Tofu yet…just experimenting with expanding our menu!)
Fudge Crinkles (super easy 4 ingredient cake mix cookie recipe…yummy! You can use any flavor of cake mix to change it up.)
Dump Cake (simple dessert – also made with cake mix…kinda like a cobbler. I LOVE this dessert!)
Hopefully posting our weekly menu plan will give you some good ideas of how to eat on a budget, and add some new recipes to your rotation. Enjoy! =)

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