Menu Monday ~ 2/28

Wow…I can’t believe February is over! This year is really flying by. As of right now, I’m totally cool with it because it’s just one day closer to the beach, but once I’m on the beach, time needs to slow way the heck down! Anyway, I totally abandoned last weeks menu, hopefully I’ll do better this week.  It’s a ‘clean out the pantry/freezer’ kind of week, plus it’s busy-busy since it’s our ‘on week’ with the kids.  I’m also going to show our diet foods for the week to give you a little more insight. =)

Monday - BBQ Pork sandwiches & coleslaw // Chili,  sliced tomato & baked cinnamon apples

Tuesday - Breakfast for Dinner // Sweet & Sour Chicken, cooked cabbage & Warm Spiced Oranges

Wednesday - Turkey BLT & chips // Roast Beef, spinach & Sweet Strawberry Soup

Thursday - Chili Mac & green beans // Creole Gumbo, Apple Cookies

Friday – Burrito, corn // Shrimp Scampi, spinach & Frozen Grapefruit Spears

If you’d like to link up your Menu Monday plan, please use Mr. Linky below! =)

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