Menu Monday

We stuck with our menu this week with only one alteration. I made a pork roast rather than a beef roast because I was missing a key ingredient…which somehow didn’t make it onto my list.

The tofu turned out okay…I’d like to experiment a little more. Grayson loved it, which was fantastic since he’s becoming a little picky. It was mainly a texture issue…plus the fact that my sinuses were so stuffy I could hardly taste anything means that it needs another chance. This weeks menu is pretty easy…we’ll be using the crock pot a few times.
Creamy Hamburger Stroganoff (I use ground turkey in place of ground beef sometimes.)
Country Fried Steak (Tyson’s frozen) w/ Copycat Cracker Barrel White Gravy
Alfredo w/ Crab meat (over either linguine or fettuccine whichever I have on hand)
BBQ Cola Pork Roast (we had this last week, but since I didn’t post the recipe…here it is. Also, you will need 2 cans of Coke…one for the initial cooking & one for after you drain the liquid and add the BBQ sauce.)
BLT’s (I lay the bacon strips out on a broiler pan sprayed with Pam, sprinkle with brown sugar & fresh ground pepper, and bake at 400 until crispy. This usually sets off the smoke alarm because of the sugar melting down & burning in the pan, but it is delicious.)
There you have it! And you even learned I often set off the smoke alarm…I haven’t burnt any actual meals, but I really need to clean the bottom of my oven. Maybe that will be on my To-Do List in the near future. ;)

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