Menu Monday ~ 1/17

A few months ago, I started using this system called ‘Make 5 dinners in 1 hour’.  I had seen it on a friends blog, and figured I’d check it out.  I absolutely love it.  The way it works is you are emailed 20 recipes for the month, along with instructions and a grocery list.  You pull out which week of recipes you’d like to use, take the grocery list & mark off anything you already have on hand.  After you shop for the items you will need for the week, you then take out all the items you will need to prepare the meals…as in cutting board, bowls, storage containers, foil, measuring spoons/cups, etc. as well as, all the food you need to prep the meals.  Then you follow the step by step instructions to assemble your meals for the week.  They don’t take up a ton of room in the fridge, and if you label, everything is simple to locate when it’s dinner time.

3 out of 5 meals for the week

Since our weeks are not typical weeks, (we go from Friday to Thursday because of our custody arrangement) I like to take Saturdays or Sundays to prep my meals for the next week.  That way I can either bust it out while my husband watches the little one, or my girls can help me and start learning some domestic skills.  Also, since there are only 5 meals available per week, you will either need to eat leftovers (which are rare at our house), or throw in a few of your own recipes.  Typically on Tuesdays, my oldest daughter has tumbling, so we do the McDonalds 1/2 price Happy Meals & a free redbox movie, but this week is the sacrifice week for the Haiti Orphanage, so we’re not doing that. (I’ll post about that later…)  So here’s the rundown for this weeks menu:

Friday – Monte Cristo Sandwiches w/ Sliced Oranges, Strawberries, & Grapes

Saturday – Grilled Cheese & Turkey Sandwiches

Sunday – Saucy Strip Steak w/ Steamed Broccoli & Mashed Potatoes

Monday – Southwest Chimichangas w/ Chips & Queso

Tuesday – Italian Baked Bow Ties w/ Rolls, Corn & Salad

Wednesday – Slow Cooker Chicken Lasagna w/ Salad

Thursday – Messy Pete’s (our homemade Sloppy Joe’s)

There are some days that I have to make something special for our daughter that is allergic to milk…like on Monday she is having chili that I froze for her, and on Wednesday she is having a mini meatloaf.  I also occasionally throw in a dessert…we had pumpkin bread on Friday with the Monte Cristo Sandwiches, and we often have ‘Healthy Smoothies’…still working on a solid recipe for that one.  My only complaint about the ‘Make 5 Dinners in One Hour‘ plan is that it is more expensive then I’m used to.  Otherwise it is awesome.  We get to try many new recipes, plus I don’t have to worry about remembering to come up with something for dinner every day.  If it sounds interesting to you, I would suggest trying the sample menu found on her page.  Bon Appetite!

One thought on “Menu Monday ~ 1/17

  1. Aren’t those recipes fabulous???? I made the saucy steak in the crock pot, and it was DELICIOUS. I’m so hooked–we’ve never had this great variety at dinnertime before. Happy Monday!

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