Messy Mommy…

Obviously I have no problem posting pictures of my kids doing strange, cute, embarrassing things. I thought I would step it up a bit and show I am not embarrassed to post the same such pictures of myself. A couple nights ago, Grayson and I constructed a gingerbread house. It was a surprisingly clean process, and I didn’t eat a single sprinkle during construction/decoration. I felt that because of this I deserved a Fruit Chiller popsicle. Greg was cleaning up the kitchen for me, and I was leaning against the counter chatting and keeping him company while enjoying my delicious popsicle. I got down to the best part…the slushy liquid-y goodness at the end…and tragedy occurred.

My hand slipped while squeezing the last bit out, I punched myself in the face, and became covered in grape slush. I froze in shock, then busted out in hysterical laughter. Greg grabbed the camera and I laughed so hard I cried. Since the best part of my popsicle ended up on my shirt (it didn’t stain!) I rewarded myself with another…and finished it off without incident.

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