Monday Madness

Today is Monday. Usually for me, Monday means I can fall back into routine, and get a little break from the weekend. Since this weekend we went on a marriage retreat in Branson, I had a lot of catching up to do when I got home. This morning, I woke up determined to put the smack down on this particular Monday. I made Grayson & myself some breakfast, and scored my first point on Monday with an Iced French Vanilla Mocha. I also cleaned my kitchen while fixing breakfast, so I counted it as the same point…I didn’t want to get Monday all riled up so early.

I then, started on the mound of laundry that mysteriously accumulated while we were away, threw sheets on 5 beds, and vacuumed the house…making the score Me = 2 Monday = 0.
I then decided to check the mail. I was totally excited to receive a CD to review from One2One Network, and a free sample of a granola bar.
On my way back up to the house, Monday threw it’s first real punch. A grasshopper jumped on my leg, and before I could scream like a sissy and run crazily around the yard throwing mail in all directions, it jumped off…so, I was saved the embarrassment of a slight overreaction and walked quickly back to the house with mail still in hand. (I also gave myself a point for not outwardly freaking out, so the score was Me = 3 Monday = 1.)
Since my kitchen was what I would consider clean, I gave myself another point for sweeping/mopping and vacuuming up more ants. Me = 4 Monday = 1
Monday then became angry that I was totally kicking butt and taking names. It resorted to a low blow. Ants. More ants. Totally invading the game room. I went in there to water my pineapple tree (which I am insanely proud of), and for some reason looked down at the floor near the sliding glass door.

What. The. Crap. It’s a total ambush. Greg sprinkled the ant granule things yesterday, so seeing this mound of what seems to be a gazillion ants and tiny white eggs or food or whatever was a total kick to the crotch. Not sure how to respond to this, but I’ll give the granules a few more days before I make another move against the army in the game room. That was totally a 2 point blow, so the score is now Me = 4 Monday = 3.

To take a firm stand against Monday, I took some Tilapia out to thaw for dinner, unpacked and put away everything from our weekend getaway, and cleaned both bathrooms. ‘Take that!’ I shouted defiantly…well, not really shouted, more like thought. I mean, I’m not a totally loony.
I also watched ‘Zathura‘ with Grayson…he was totally engrossed and LOVED it, and almost finished a crochet project. On a related side note, I can’t turn my head very far to the right…some sort of muscle pain in my neck which I’m not sure when or how it happened. Monday scored a final blow at the buzzer. Since I’m cooking dinner and doing nothing else work-wise tonight, I’m calling it.
Final score…Me = 9 Monday = 4.
I. Win.

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