My 1st Thred-Up Box!

Last week I discovered the site Thred-Up. Basically what it is, is a place for you to list boxes of clothes your kids have outgrown or no longer wear. They supply Medium Flat Rate boxes from the USPS for you to use, and it’s free for you to ship the boxes when someone picks them. If you find a box you like, you select it, pay $5.00 + $10.95 shipping, and that’s it! I chose a box of mainly jeans for my girls since they *cough* Pickle *cough* are so hard on jeans. I figured even at a yard sale/consignment store I would pay around $3.00 a pair for jeans, so having them shipped directly to me was a total bonus! My box arrived in a couple days, and I was very pleased. Here’s a rundown of what was in the box…

Black & white dress shirt, 4 pairs of jeans (one seemed brand new), 1 pair of stretchy type capri pants, insulated lunch tote, and bath confetti.  In the listing, it said that the jeans were size 10′s but fit like size 8′s…after comparing these to some of our size 8′s, there’s no way these will fit right now.  They are definitely size 10′s.  I’m cool with that though, because I recently bought the girls jeans & these should fit in the fall.  I am excited about showing them the shirt though…I think it will look cute on any of the girls.  I started going through the kids clothes over the weekend, and after I finish that…hopefully today, I plan on listing a few boxes of goodies.  If you have or need kids clothes, I would recommend at least checking it out.  Use this link & get a $5 credit!

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