My Big 3-0

Well, I have had a wonderful weekend. My darling husband planned a weekend away to celebrate our birthdays. Planned may not be the right word…either way, it was a perfect weekend. We began our weekend on Friday after he got home from work. We had Ray & Tina watch Grayson Friday evening & all day on Saturday, and Doug & Rebecca keep him Saturday night through Sunday afternoon. We drove to Branson, checked in at the resort, and went down to Branson Landing. We enjoyed one of the most delicious bacon cheese burgers I have ever had the pleasure of tasting (at Garfield’s), and just walked around checking out the different stores.

On a totally off topic side note…I have noticed that I seem to fall deeper in love with my husband with each passing day. It’s not because of anything in particular that he does, it’s just him being him, and me noticing. I LOVE HIM!

Okay, back on topic…

On Saturday, we “slept in” (I put that in ” ” because for some reason, I am unable to sleep past 8:00…sooooo frustrating), ate breakfast at IHOP – the caramel banana french toast is AMAZING, went to the time share presentation… I know, I know, but 2 nights at the resort & 2 2-day passes to Silver Dollar City for $79.00 was worth it. Plus, during the tour, Greg had to help push the golf cart thing up a hill…it was great! We went back to Branson Landing to shop, then ate sushi at Wasabi. Well, not exactly sushi…the waitress recommended since we had never eaten sushi, that we try California Rolls. “They good for beginners.” she said. It was awesome. For someone who doesn’t really like fish, I sure did put away the California Rolls. We also ordered sake. For those who don’t know…it is rank. It is a heated alcoholic beverage, that tastes like a cross of wine & moonshine. UGH! It doesn’t pack near the punch you would think by the way it tastes though. Everything else was delicious. I even had Green Tea Ice Cream for dessert…just to get the entire Japanese taste experience. I can safely say, we will be going back for more. After eating at Wasabi, we went to the Kirby Vanburch magic show. It was very impressive. He and his wife were VERY good at what they do, plus it was quite a long show…well worth the cost. I was a little disappointed that after paying over $60.00 for us both to get in, they tried to sell us a photo they took of us on the way in for $18.00. I mean, come on! It cost what, maybe a quarter to print, and a buck or 2 for the frame? I would have paid $5.00 or so for the souvenir, but $18.00? No thanks.

On Sunday, after getting several calls wishing me a “Happy Birthday”, we grabbed some yummies at Krispy Kreme, then headed to the outlet mall. Here my oh-so-generous and loving husband purchased for me a beautiful diamond necklace. I have never been given such a beautiful & thoughtful gift. We then had a fantastic ride home, just talking about our family and enjoying each other’s company. After arriving home, I was able to pick up Grayson…we missed that kid tremendously! He seemed as though he missed us as well. Good thing since he’s stuck with us for at least 17 more years. =)

Tonight, I plan on spending my 30th birthday evening with my dear husband and son (my beautiful daughters are here in my heart, but physically with their other parents), eating pizza, watching a movie, and enjoying the first evening of Life @ 30.

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