Nearly Unbearable Cuteness

Froggy is a 4 year old little boy with gobs of personality, is super smart and funny, and is the most loving kid you’ll ever meet. We are often almost speechless (which is a big deal for me) by his cuteness. For instance, last night when we were eating dinner…

Froggy: Why is this chicken yellow?
Me: It’s the spices.
Froggy: What spices?
Me: Curry, garlic powder, onion powder, tarragon… (It was actually turmeric, but I said tarragon.)
Froggy: (Looking at the chunk of chicken speared on his fork with a scrunched, thoughtful look on his face) Hmmm…I think maybe it’s a triangle or sumping (something).

The kid mistook the word tarragon for hexagon or one of the other -agon shapes, and decided to correct me. I seriously want to squeeze him forever…we are so blessed. I LOVE that little boy!

I think I may start a regular post (maybe 2x a month or so?) with Froggy-isms. I mean, sometimes he is too funny/cute not to share.

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