Negotiations have ended!

After intense negotiations, Greg is taking all the kids to school each day, and I am giving Grayson his baths.  This should eliminate 1.) the yelling from me in the mornings about getting ready/getting out the door, 2.) Greg’s whining about no heat in his car since he’ll be taking my truck, and 3.) My asking (aka “nagging”) Greg everynight to give Grayson a bath.

Greg is a list person, as am I.  We can hardly function if we don’t have a list to mark off our accomplishments.  If we can’t see what we’ve done, the tasks at hand seem to be insurmountable…plus, we get sidetracked easily.  Because of this, I am considering a grouping of lists…things we need, things we want, projects, etc.  I am sure Greg will lament this idea because I will be making lists of things I need/want him to do.  I am planning on posting this list where it can’t get “lost”…which seems to happen quite often.  *In all seriousness, my husband is wonderful.  He is a genius php coder, who does a wonderful job at providing for our family.  He has a wonderful heart, and I adore him.  (Just thought I’d throw that out there since this blog seems to be a little hubby bashingish.)*

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