New Dishes!

Last week we purchased some new dishes…they are totally amazing. To give you a little perspective as to why I am so excited about these new dishes, let me tell you about our old dishes. I first began with a set that I had purchased through a promotion at our local grocery store. I bought these dishes about 10 years ago. They were affordable, decent looking, but not really my style. (Before that, I had been using miscellaneous dishes I had picked up at yard sales.)

My apple dishes...which were donated...except this one. Oops!

Once Big Puppy & I got married, we began using a nicer set that he had gotten in his divorce. I wasn’t crazy about them, but they were better than what I had.

A step up from what we had, but still not my style...

Then during the After Christmas sales at Walmart, we found these plates & bowls for super cheap…only problem is they aren’t microwavable because of the metal, and you’re not supposed to wash them in the dishwasher, but we did & they seemed fine.  (Plus we accidentally purchased one with a silver rim & one with gold…I was very unhappy when I realized this.)

Simple, elegant, but not practical...

I’ve always liked big plates…kinda dramatic looking. I enjoy taking pictures of food, and what better way to display my creations than on some gorgeous dishes?

Thanks to Housewares Deals and my fantastic husband, we are now the proud owner of these…

Stock photo from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Each place setting came in it's own fancy box.

As did the flatware...

Ta-da! Aren't they fabulous!?

So shiny! ;)


I got a fantastic deal on service for 16, which is a bit too much for our little cabinets to handle, so I am auctioning off 4 place settings, including flatware! Check out my auction at:

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