Not-so Funny Story Friday

I’ve decided to forgo Funny Story Friday today, and vent a little…well, kind of vent.  As some of you know we’ve gone through a lot of crap, mostly based on bad decisions we have made in the past.  Some of these decisions occurred before we were even married, so yeah…it’s been awhile.  Over the past few weeks, we have been dealing with Realtors (technicalities), lawyers regarding our finances, and Greg’s mom.  I don’t want to come across as the typical wife that doesn’t get along with her husband’s mom, because this is not the case.  I have tried, but she has embraced Greg’s ex-wife rather than me, and I’ve accepted it.  I’ve moved on.  I am unconcerned about whether she likes me or not, approves of my parenting skills, or wants to be a grandmother to my son and daughter.  I made the choice at the beginning of the year (in place of New Year’s Resolutions – which I cannot keep) to no longer take part in the drama that they feed on.  This drama came to a head this week that was unavoidable (I am thankful I was not directly involved) and forced Greg into some unwanted realizations.  I realize that hearing these juicy tidbits of information would make this post much more interesting, but since it doesn’t directly deal with me, I cannot divulge any of those.  Sorry!  I am doing my best to comfort and support my husband during this time, but dang it’s hard.  So hard not to call people up and tell them what they are doing to other people, how their words are creating wounds that may heal but will always be there.  But I am staying on the sidelines, fighting to keep my mouth shut and the tears in, and praying.

On a lighter note, I plan on posting about our romantic Valentine’s Day dinner this weekend some time.  We have the kids, so my plan is cooking them a special “Breakfast for Dinner”, and then hubby & I something a little more elaborate.  We will dine by candlelight while the kids play or watch a movie in the game room, and we will enjoy each other’s company while setting all our stresses to the side.
I understand that this blog post is probably confusing and boring, but I promise I will work on something good for next time.  I just needed to let some stuff out, and this is my place to do it.  Thanks for reading & I appreciate all your prayers.  Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! =)

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