Not-so Wordless Wednesday ~ The Bird

Okay, so we have this psychotic bird that has been trying to get in the bathroom window since Saturday morning. It’s not trying to build a nest or anything above or below the window, it just flies up to the window and flails around tapping it with its wings and beak. It’s not really bothering the girls, but Grayson is a totally different story. He refuses to use the bathroom unless I am in there with him ‘to scare away the bird’, he no longer wants to take a bath, he doesn’t even want to walk past the bathroom. (His reasoning is that the bird is strong and will break the glass.  Then it will get him.  Then snakes will come in, and worms, and bugs, and a bear with big teeth, and the donkey from next door.)  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to scare away this crazy bird so my son isn’t traumatized the next time he has to pee? Grayson’s idea was to put a dinosaur in the window…as you can see, it didn’t work.  (Disregard the dirty window…it won’t come clean.)

Psychotic Bird

14 thoughts on “Not-so Wordless Wednesday ~ The Bird

  1. Looks familiar. I used to hate it when my husband just sat in front of the TV with the kids, but I don’t mind so much now. I’m just glad they have a dad that spends time with them.

  2. Cute. Like father like son, huh? You’ve got two handsome fellows.

    Happy WW from Sara @ the Mostly Wordless Wednesday H.Q.!

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