One of those days…

Okay…it’s gonna be one of those days. I woke up a little before 3am, laid there trying (too hard, I guess) to go back to sleep until almost 5am. During that time, 2/4 kids woke up for some unknown reason & 1 of them proceeded to bully his way into my bed & kick me in the face repeatedly. I’m guessing he dreams of being a football star…complete with stiff-arms, jukes, & spin moves. Either he plans on being a running quarterback, a kicker, or a wide receiver. Besides all that, it is a dreary rainy day…which I don’t really mind except that it makes Grayson a crab. For example:
Me: Grayson, put your weewear (underwear) on.

Grayson: I need pull-up!

Me: No, you’re a big boy…you need weewear.

Grayson: Momma! I need pull-up! (total meltdown)

It took him 15 minutes of this before he finally put them on and proclaimed (while wiping his tears off) ‘I so happy!’  I can guarantee that this will not be the final meltdown of the day.  For some reason Rain = Tears …it also = Snuggles which is so worth dealing w/ the crabbiness.

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