Our Crossfit Journey (or…Crap Jess Says)

My husband and I started working out (Crossfit) a little over a month ago. We absolutely love it. It daily kicks our butts, but we feel great afterward and we’ve seen some great results in a very short amount of time. The community aspect of it is one of our favorite parts. Our trainers are amazing, and everyone we have had the pleasure of coming into contact with because of Crossfit has been encouraging and motivating. I don’t see us stopping this anytime soon. With that said, we’ve had some pretty weird conversations because of the changes we are seeing and just the overall act of working out. I am sharing a few of these for your entertainment.

Me: “I am so sore…my skin is sore! Is that normal?”

Me: “You never said that running was a part of Crossfit!”

Me: “This is the one time I’m glad you put the tall toilet in our bathroom.” (This was after what felt like a bazillion squats.)

Hubby: “How much do you weigh?” Me: “I don’t know, I’m afraid of the scale since you weighed.” (He’s gained about 10lbs.)

At least once a week while looking at the next day’s workout… Me: “What the crap does that mean? I don’t even know what that is.” (Then googling & getting sucked into Crossfit exercise videos for 30+ minutes.) Me: “Oh yeah, that thing.”

During a discussion of different muscles being sore, being more defined/bigger, etc… Me: “What’s this?” (Pointing to my lower back.) Hubby: “Back fat?” Me: (Punching him in the arm.) “The muscle! What’s it called?!”

Okay, so most of these are me being whiny, but hey, they’re funny. The best part is I’m on this journey with my best friend. I get frustrated and he keeps me straight. He overdoes it and I scold him. Ya know…give and take. ;) Does working out make you ask/say weird things or is it just me?

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