Our Fantastic Family Adventure #1

What is this ‘Fantastic Family Adventure’ you may ask? It is something that was brought to my attention last week, and I have totally gone nuts for it. I spent an entire day reading on it, and today we got to put our plan into action full swing. We like to go on family outings, play games, and just spend time with each other, but most activities are so expensive…bowling, movies, mini-golf, etc. for a family of 6 is just not in our budget often. So, we spent all day today Geocaching. For those of you who are like I was last week, Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunt. Armed with a GPS (our iPhones), a pen, water, and a baggie of trinkets, we hunted caches – containers ranging in size from a 35mm film canister to an ammo can, containing at the very least a baggie with a log sheet enclosed. We had a blast all day long!
We left the house at 10ish and headed to our first location. (I’m not going to give any details on the locations as not to spoil it for anyone else who wants to attempt geocaching in our area.) We ended up discovering 8 caches today (Big Puppy & I did 2 earlier this week, just to get started)…including 3 in old graveyards, a crazy hike up a stinking mountain, and a few urban areas. Once we located the cache we would sign the log, and if the container is large enough we would leave a trinket & take a trinket for our collection. Here’s some photos of our finds including the items we traded for.

Our 1st find of the day...WTG Princess2T!

Our 2nd find...our first 'micro cache'.

Our 3rd find...graveyard #2. Very cool.

Our 4th find...our final graveyard of the day.

We found it! Crazy hike that took over an hour to complete.

It was an insane hike through the cedar trees, but totally worth the view.

Our first 'urban' cache.

A good cache where we found our 1st travel bug!

Our final cache...a great one to end the day with!

The goodies we've collected thus far.

The kids had such a great time, they tried to ‘one more’ us several times, and want to go again tomorrow after church. When asked what their favorite part was, Froggy said picking the treasures, and the girls all said the hike…we were very surprised that they enjoyed the hardest part of the day! We plan on doing this often (especially on our upcoming vacation), and maybe creating a few of our own. Be sure to check out Geocaching.com if it sounds like something for you & your family…and add me as a friend (Life@30ish)!

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