So many things are going on, my mind is in a spin.  Mostly just the normal hecticness of our lives, but it seems like things are really hitting me hard lately.

1. The fact that my oldest daughter had her first school dance last night totally blows my mind.  She is growing up too fast, and has really become a beautiful young lady in what seems like a blink of an eye.  She has a wonderful heart, and I am so proud of her and all that she does.

2. The fact that we are going on vacation in a little over a month…to the beach…for Spring Break…and I started a serious diet (which I will blog about in the near future)…right before Valentine’s Day…and I didn’t get to eat ANY chocolate…has driven me partially mad. ;)


3. The fact that each day I look at my sweet little boy and know that it is one day closer to him going to school…and me being home all by myself…and it may not happen because I may not be able to let go…and I’ll home school him…and then I feel a little better.

Scary dinosaur face while wearing his 'dinosaur hat'

4. The fact that I often feel so busy that I barely have time to breathe…much less do all the ‘jobs’ I’ve signed up for.  Here lately feel like I’m not doing anything well, just mediocre.  I pray that my mediocrity is just in my head and not bleeding through to my being a Mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter, etc.

Ahhhh…that little vent made me feel better…time to take a breath & strive for excellence.  Wish me luck! :)

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