Panty Poacher

Because of our little trip down memory lane on Monday, I began reminiscing of all the ridiculous things I have done over the years.  One that really sticks out happened a few years ago on Black Friday.  Usually we go to Texas over Thanksgiving holiday to spend time with my family there.  Which in turn, makes available to me countless stores, other than Wal-Mart, to shop at during the Black Friday deals.  This particular year, we decided to go to Foley’s first since they were offering a $20 gift card to the first 200 people through the door.  After receiving our gift cards without being trampled, we wandered around the store looking for SOMETHING for $20.00.  I wanted to buy my husband something for Christmas, but could find nothing for $20.00 or less.  Well, we decided to buy ourselves some panties after searching for gifts for others.  I mean, who said we couldn’t buy ourselves a gift?  Now picture this, my sister and I rummaging through countless pairs of panties trying to find 3 pairs we liked in our size.  It always seems that my size is sold out.  I am 5’0 between 115 & 120 lbs.  I am not a “normal” sized person, so why is my size never available?  Do all the shorties decide to shop the day before me?  Do they stock a minimal number of items in my size?  Okay…enough of that rant…back to the story.

After locating 3 pairs I liked and only finding 2 in my size, I notice that the mannequin (which is only waist to knees) on top of the display is wearing the ones I liked.  Could this mannequin be wearing my size?  Whaddya know…she is.  Now, picture my sister and I devising a plan not to draw attention to us de-pantying the mannequin so I could get my 3rd pair.  This consisted of hysterical giggling and lots of “shhhhh”ing.  What we decided on was, since she was taller, she was to pick up the mannequin and while holding it up, I was to quickly remove the panties, then she was to replace the mannequin before anyone noticed.  This did not go as planned.  First of all, we had problems removing the panties because she wasn’t holding on tight enough to the mannequin, secondly I yanked too hard and quickly…this caused a loud commotion and hysterical visual of a flying, half pantied plastic half person.  To remedy the situation, I, the quick thinking girl that I am, snatched the panties off & kicked the naked mannequin under the display.  We were hoping we could check out without being grilled about the incident…wishful thinking.  The cashier actually asked us to go back and redress the mannequin.  

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