Party Pooper…

Well, I’ve been planning 2 parties for a couple weeks now, and the time has come. Tomorrow, I am hosting a Hershey’s Bliss chocolate party…sponsored by Hershey’s (they sent me free chocolate and gifts). This is mainly an excuse to hang out with our friends. We haven’t had anyone over to the new house yet, and I like company. =) Then on Sunday I am throwing Kara a “Webkinz Puppy Party” for her 5th birthday. This is the one that has taken extensive planning. I’m not really sure what about this party has been so difficult, but after all this planning I am actually dreading it. How terrible is that!? I have made a pinata in the shape of a “Zingo” (still working on it), have a small craft planned, will be making a “dog bowl” cake, and “dog bone” cookies. I really hope everything turns out the way it looks in my head…if so it will be fantastic!

I may be slightly insane for planning 2 parties in the same weekend.

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