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I’ve been totally stalking my mailman for the past few weeks since I had such a good run of winning giveaways. (I’ve been so busy lately, that I haven’t even entered any in the last couple weeks.) On Tuesday, I was totally engrossed in my ‘Tackle It’ mission that I didn’t notice when the mailman came. Hubby emerges through the doorway, package in hand. I attack.

I received the most adorable personalized journal from
Here are pictures of my fantastic journal…the entire cover (front and back, plus the insides) has been completely customized.
It is nicely made, and fully customizable. The embellishments on the front cover are actually raised…too cute. You can really tell that time and thought went into the design. I am the proud owner of this journal because I entered a contest on her blog site, Dore’s Diaries and this was the prize. She asked what kinds of stuff I liked, and I said ‘Surprise me, I’m not picky.’ This is what she created…and I LOVE it! I am hoping to be consistent with this journal. I have started journaling several times in the past, and don’t make it more than a week. Since this one is personalized and adorable, I have faith I will fill it with summer memories. =)

FYI, also has great picture frames that are just as customizable as the journals. And I have heard through the grapevine that she plans on adding a variety of other items as well! Be sure to visit often and check out her expanding inventory!

27 thoughts on “Personalized Journal ~ REVIEW

  1. She’s so focused – I hope that she got her wish!
    (P.S. Thanks for letting me know that my momdot link wasn’t working!)

  2. I often wonder how long it’s going to take for my daughter to get hair, Happy Birthday

  3. Looks like we both have some “blowers” this week!! Why do they have to grow up so fast??

  4. Birthday wishes from me too! I love her braids. So sweet looking. I hope she has a wonderful day!

    Happy WW from Sara @ the Mostly Wordless Wednesday H.Q.!

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