Pink Zebra Sprinkles

I was asked to test Pink Zebra Sprinkles by my friend Christi. She gave me several different scents to try, and I can say I was not disappointed. I use a Better Homes and Gardens warmer, and have been using the wax cubes from Wal-Mart. I like the variety of scents and the price of the Wal-Mart cubes, but they don’t last long. It seems like they only last 2 days or so with a good strong scent, then they’re just kinda meh.¬†Enter Pink Zebra Sprinkles.


I wasn’t given huge amounts to sample, which worked out well because I think I would have totally used too much. It really doesn’t take much of the sprinkles, (maybe a teaspoon?) and the scent lasts longer than the cubes! Another cool feature of the sprinkles is you can mix scents. I used the Farm House Cider one for 3-4 days and when I noticed the scent wasn’t as strong as it was originally, I added 6 little cinnamon sprinkles, and boom…Cinnamon Apple Cider. And the scents are ridiculously spot on. For instance, you know how peach scented stuff usually has that artifical peachy smell that is too sweet? The peach scented Pink Zebra Sprinkles smell like you’ve just bit into a super ripe, juicy, delicious peach. Seriously…it’s crazy how accurate the scents are. Overall, I am really pleased with the sprinkles, and look forward to trying more scents. If you don’t already have your own warmer, they have a nice variety of styles to fit your decor, and just like the sprinkles…they can be mix & matched. They also have some cool reed diffusers that I really want to check out.

If you’d like to order some for yourself, or if you’d like more information, check out Christi’s Pink Zebra Sprinkles page or contact her directly at:
And…last but not least, she is running a special that if you spend $50 or more before tax/shipping, you will get one free jar of sprinkles and be entered into a raffle for a FREE base, liner and shade combo!

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