As you may have noticed, I enjoy trying new things. Whether it be different types of food, crafts, whatever…I’ll try nearly anything. I recently discovered a site called The whole point is to send postcards to other members around the world & receive postcards from all over the world. I instantly thought this would be a cool way for my kids to learn about different cultures and places. Leave it to me to turn something fun into a learning experience! I just signed up last week, so I haven’t received any postcards yet, but I have sent out 5 (the limit to have out at once for a beginner). I went to several gas stations looking for postcards unsuccessfully…one guy actually told me he thought postcards were ‘extinct’. I finally found some with a picture of a local bridge on them in a grocery store. I wrote a short blurb about our area and what we enjoy doing, and sent them out.
Our first 5 postcards are headed to:
Dublin, Ireland
Sankt Petersburg, Russia
Taichung, Taiwan
Alberta, Canada
Tseung Kwan O, New Territories Hong Kong

What creative ways do you teach your children about the world?

One thought on “Postcrossing

  1. Thats really neat. Our kids really love getting mail so they will really enjoy something like this. Thanks for.sharing!

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