PureVia All Natural Zero Calorie Sweetener *REVIEW*

I received a box of PureVia All Natural Zero Calorie Sweetener packets a few weeks ago from Viewpoints.

I was to try them in several ways, substituting sugar with PureVia. I don’t sweeten many ‘raw’ foods, so the best way for me to do this was to test it using a guinea pig…my husband, Greg. I wasn’t overly impressed with PureVia. I conducted a taste test with Greg, and at first I was quite excited about the results. I don’t use sugar in my coffee and tea, so he was the perfect person to test PureVia on. I first had him taste the plain product in comparison with regular sugar. He said the PureVia was sweeter than the sugar, but tasted good. After tasting it again, he said there was an aftertaste. I noticed the aftertaste immediately…possibly because I NEVER use sugar substitutes. We then made some tea. He typically uses 4 teaspoons in 1 large cup of tea (I’m guessing somewhere around 12oz)…it took 3 packets which supposedly is equal to 6 teaspoons of sugar.
We thought this would be a good alternative for him since he uses so much sugar in his coffee and tea. Recently he was advised by our doctor to cut back on caffeine and sugar. PureVia seemed like a perfect answer…until he tried it. He said this is something he would not be interested in using in place of sugar. Really the only plus he could see was that he liked the packaging.
He felt it would be nice to keep a few packs in his car or at work, just in case. He has cut back on caffeine, but not his sugar intake. I even tried to sneak it in when sweetening his cereal one morning…not happening. I may try to use it in baking soon, so as not to waste the remaining packets. If I have an exceptionally positive result, I will update this post. Otherwise, PureVia just isn’t for us. Since we typically don’t purchase sugar substitutes, I doubt we will be buying PureVia in the future.

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