Random Thought Thursday

Well, today snuck up on me somehow and I am totally unprepared…soooooo…’Random Thought Thursday’ is REALLY random.  If you’d like to post your own random thoughts in the comments section feel free.  I have come to the realization that I actually have readers other than my husband who are lurking on my site not leaving me comments….shame on you! =)  I do love ya though…keep coming back!!  Okay…on to randomness.

1. Why do canvas shoes always smell like fish?  This has really hindered my purchase in the past…now I don’t buy them because I just don’t like them, but still.
2. Our mailbox is broken & we think that someone hit it.  We have to prop it up so we can receive mail, but it seems like every time the mailman comes it is mysteriously in the ditch and we don’t get mail.  The windstorm with like 50+mph wind the other night didn’t knock it down, but yesterday a bright sunny 60 degree day did and we got no mail…hmmmmm.
3. Pumpernickel!  (That’s for you Greg.)  Sorry everyone else, little inside joke that you wouldn’t think is funny anyway…just us being silly in a nerdish type way.
4. I am forced to work on Greg’s computer because mine is being weird which means a 19″ monitor instead of my 42″ LCD TV.  I want to throw my CPU through a window…is this wrong?
5. Okay, I’m out of random thoughts, but I do have a little prayer request.  Greg & I have a lot of stuff going on right now…some good, some not so good.  If you could just keep us in prayer that we will hear God’s voice & follow His direction, I would be eternally grateful.
6. One last thing…random cuteness so I’m putting it at #6.  Grayson has had more fun with a flashlight “pashyite” today than anything else.  He doesn’t even want to watch Thomas.  Just running around pointing it at things shouting “Pashyite, I see couch.  Pashyite, I see phone.  Pashyite, I see door.”  I love that kid!

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