Random Thought Thursday

Thursday is a sneaky day.  It is not an overly anticipated day.  It is not the beginning, middle, or end of the week.  It is just a day…a random day, so the perfect day for Random Thoughts. =)

1. I hate licorice. ANY kind. Black, cherry, strawberry…despise it.  Can’t even stand the smell.
2. Grayson cannot say “Percy” (green train from Thomas & Friends) very well, and tends to embarrass me in public when talking about one of his favorite little choo-choo’s.
3. I tend to embarrass myself more on the computer than in person.  I seem to be conscious of what I say, but not really what I type.
4. I love flowers & plants, but can’t keep them alive.  I have actually killed a tree.  I think I try too hard & over water.
5. One of my favorite cars is a 1969 Dodge Charger.  Not sure if this is because of loving The Dukes of Hazzard as a kid or what, but I would love to have one some day…that and a Hummer.
On a side note…which is totally appropriate since it is Random Thought Thursday…I learned a couple things at MORPH last night that I know I’ve heard before, but didn’t stick until now.  I am making the choice to do begin my day with the intention of doing everything for God.  There is no reason to get totally sidetracked and not get jack done.  Does that glorify God?  No.  Also, like Mary & Martha wanted a “headache” fix from Jesus for their brother Lazarus, we have wanted this for our financial problems.  No more.  God has BIG plans for us & I am going to stop getting frustrated when he doesn’t just “heal” our finances.  He is going to raise them from the dead!  We will continue to glorify Him for the way He has blessed & continues daily to bless our family.  Seriously, there is NO way we are surviving right now except that God is providing for us & multiplying our provisions.  
Okay, if you have any random thoughts you’d like to add, please feel free to do so in the comment section.

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