Random Thought Thursday

Okay, Grayson has been running a fever on and off for 4 days now, and I am exhausted.  He decided to conk out last night in Daddy’s arms sometime between 6:00 & 6:30, and didn’t wake until I was going to bed around 1:30 this morning.  Attempting to get him back to sleep by letting him ‘snuggle Mommy’ was unsuccessful.  He finally fell back asleep sometime after 3:00, after a pull-up change & 2 trips to the kitchen for water he requested then refused to drink.  So…the fact that I am going on about 4 hours of sleep means that Random Thought Thursday is only consisting of one random thought, and I HAVE to get in a better mood or today is going to stink.

1.  Do you think God occasionally likes to jack w/ us a bit like I do my kids?  For instance…kids ask if they can have a snack after school…I say ‘Sure’.  All the while, I know in their minds they are envisioning fruit snacks, cookies, or Cheez-its…yet, I am preparing sliced strawberries, apples, and cheese.  I gave them what they asked for, but not what they were expecting.
Oh, and for those of you who checked out my ‘Wordless Wednesday’ post yesterday…
The picture ties in with the ‘Funny Story Friday’ post from last week.  That was our attempt at washing the blue goo out of Kylie’s hair that was used to turn her into ‘Thing 1′ Halloween 2005.
Feel free to post your own random thoughts below in the comment section. =)

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