Random Thought Thursday

Once again we take a look at my random thoughts from the week…

1. What is the deal with lotion “boogers”? If they can eliminate mustard crusties, why can’t they do the same with lotion?
2. One of my pet peeves is stepping in wet in my socks.
3. I am short, so I wear petite sizes.  Why is it that the clothing in the petite section is hideous?  Just because I’m short doesn’t mean I’m blind. 
Wow…didn’t really have that many random thoughts worth publishing this week.  Had my mind on important stuff, yeah, that’s it.   Okay, aside from the random thoughts, I wanted to post about some exciting things that have been going on.
First of all, Greg and I are taking a class called Manthano at BNC.  This class is intense.  The only time I ever actually studied was my one and only complete semester of college…which was what, almost 13 years ago?  I am enjoying diving deeper into the bible & actually learning.  It seems as though if I’m not going to be graded, I tend to slack on the studying part.  I mean, in high school I didn’t study. period.  I graduated #18 or something out of like 275…I just retained the stuff & picked it up easy enough that homework was enough.  This stuff…sheesh.  Not the case.  But heck, it’s new and exciting, and I’m loving it.  
Secondly, Greg had reconnected with his biological mother.  She lives in California, and he has only talked to her once (I think) since he was like 10 or something.  This is mind blowing for me because my family is tight.  I talk to my sister daily, my mom almost daily, and my brother about once  a week who all live in Texas.  My dad lives closer but is harder to get in touch with because he lives in the sticks & has bad cell reception, so I only talk to him once a week.  Back to Greg.  He was a little nervous to talk to her since it’s been so long, and there are alot of blanks that he wasn’t sure he wanted to get into.  The conversation was pleasant, and he got updates on all his brothers and their families.  I pray this turns into something wonderful for him…he deserves it.

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